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Our one stop destination takes you through a journey for all your home decor solutions including paint coatings, designer wallpaper and window blinds and shades. Let one of design consultant help customise your home with design consultation and our stain and colour matching expertise.

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At Colours And More, our focus is to help design in style an epitome of quality and opulence beauty.

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In-store design consultant

When you're used to being a bootstrapping entrepreneur, you might tend to take a DIY approach to tackle most colour choice challenges for your in-store design decor. Whether you are planning a pop-up or committing to something more long term, it is tough to consider innumerable things like your window display, creative walls, technical design, branding, signage, visual merchandising, etc.

Our expertise lies in creating tailor-made standard programs including design strategy, colours fit-outs, retail interior design and architecture to help you make your in-store design opulent. If you believe your place needs a makeover, it may be time to select an in-store design consultant.